Wood is a product of nature, forest. Wood is a building material that many people like for appearance and strength considerations. From the aspect of strength, wood is quite strong and stiff even though wood is not as dense as steel or concrete

Basically there are two types of wood, namely hardwood and softwood. This term does not refer to the level of hardness but only the classification for the type of tree from which the wood is derived.


Hardwood comes from trees whose seeds are found in fruiting bodies. Another characteristic, usually has wide leaves with many pores to form a very strong wood construction. such as Teak, Mahogany, Maple and others.

Hardwood is a raw material that is often used to make floors, boat decks, house poles, chairs, cabinets and others. They use it because it has a tighter density and structure, to the point of being harder.

The drying process of hard wood is longer than that of soft wood. This is because trees (hardwoods) have many pores to absorb water. So the volume of water content is very large. Wood pores have hygroscopic properties, namely cells that have the power to suck in water and also excrete it. We can see this from the very large leaf pores with a wide leaf shape.

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