Benefits of Solid and Long-Lasting Halaban Wood


Some of the best things about Halaban wood are how strong it is and how long it lasts. This wood is also very pretty in color and its fibers' appearance.


Indonesia has a lot of different kinds of plants and animals, which can be seen in the wood it makes. Different kinds of wood have been used for different things in the community.


In some cases, wood cannot be used for industrial purposes. Most wood can't be used until it is turned into "engineered wood." Even more so when you think about how long it will last. Even now, it is known that 85% of the wood in Indonesia is low-durability wood.


Indonesia has Halaban wood, which has the scientific name Vitex pinnata. It is one of many plants that make wood with low durability. Halaban wood can grow up to 20 meters high. It grows slowly and isn't as popular as teak, mahogany, ironwood, or sandalwood.


But Halaban wood has a good thing about it that helps the industry. What do these pros mean?


Halaban Wood offers some advantages.




Water is one of the things that can speed up the process of breaking down organic matter. Because water can soak into the wood and pick up dirt and bacteria. Also, water makes the surface of the wood softer and easier for pests to get into.


Different types of wood can handle water in different ways. And Halaban wood is one of the woods that can handle water the best.


Class High Durability


The next good thing about Halaban wood is that it lasts long. As was already said, laban wood is one of Indonesia's most long-lasting types of wood.


Several sources say this wood is level I regarding how long it will last. Several studies and tests have shown that Laban has a pretty good ability to fight off pests, such as fungi and termites.


Classy and Good


In addition to being resistant to pests, Halaban wood is also a strong material. The strength class of Laban wood is between levels I and II. The inside or core of the tree is stronger than the sapwood (outside). Because it is so hard, the laban is often used to hold both inside and outside uploads.


How Halaban Wood Is Used


Halaban wood can be used for many things. Halaban is good for:


        Chairs, tables, and cabinets are all made of different materials.

        Crafts that are both new and old

        Sticks and handles from kitchen tools are used to make furniture.

        Materials used to build things like roofs

        Materials for the house's floor and walls

        Things needed for the mode of transport

        Wood is used to make bridges, fences, and light poles, among other things. like Halaban Charcoal



People don't think of Halaban as a beautiful wood. The color of this wood is not golden like teak.


Most of the time, Halaban wood only makes brown or grey wood. Still, the show is pretty good. The color can be made brighter, and the pattern of the fibers can be made better. Products made from Laban wood will look better if they are finished correctly.


Putting a brake on the rate of fire


One of the benefits of Halaban wood is that it has qualities that are good for nature. The Beritabeta website says that the Halaban tree is not easy to burn. This makes it a good way to slow down the rate of forest fires in Kalimantan and Sumatra, where they are common.


Some ecologists also suggest planting Halaban on lands that are easy to catch on fire. More or less, these ideas have been used by local governments. Planting Laban also brings economic benefits to the area and the people who live there.


Simple to understand


Lastly, a Halaban is a wood that is easy to work with. Processing speed is very important. Because sometimes, craftsmen hate wood that is hard to work with because it is durable and dense. For example, the wood from the Australian turpentine tree is very hard, so it is usually not used as a raw material.


Halaban is easy to work with because the material is usually stable, easy to cut, not too hard to carve, and easy to paint. With this wood, making something out of wood will go smoothly.


To get the most out of the benefits of Halaban wood, treat it with BioCide.


Even though Halaban wood is pretty durable, it must be treated with a good preservative to make its products last longer. For these needs, we think BioCide is a good choice. BioCide is a wood preservative that keeps insects, fungi, and moss from growing on wood. Using BioCide will make the Halaban last longer. According to BKI, a laban can last up to 8 years.

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