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Indonesia is renowned for its high-quality wood charcoal, and We are one of the leading suppliers of this Halaban Charcoal material in the country. Halaban Charcoal is a company that has been in the business for decades, producing and exporting some of the finest wood charcoal in the industry.


We produced from tropical hardwood species such as Acacia, Eucalyptus and even more exotic species such as Ironwood and Manilkara. All the wood is carefully selected based on its density and other characteristics to ensure the highest quality charcoal is produced. The wood is then dried in a kiln before being charred and packed for export.


The company's charcoal is highly sought after by many industries, including the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. It is also used extensively in producing briquettes, charcoal grills, and other related products. Traditional Indonesian dishes are often prepared using Halaban Charcoal because of its consistent quality.


One of the key benefits of Halaban Charcoal is its environmental friendliness. To ensure minimal environmental emissions, the company sources all wood in the production process from sustainable forests. This helps to ensure that the charcoal is produced in a way that is kind to the environment and does not contribute to deforestation or global warming.


With more and more people looking for eco-friendly options, Halaban Charcoal is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Intending to provide its customers with the best wood charcoal, the company constantly works to improve its processes and procedures.


If you're looking for high-quality wood charcoal, then Halaban Charcoal is an excellent choice. Halaban Charcoal is a great option for customers looking for a reliable, eco-friendly alternative to wood charcoal, thanks to its decades of experience and commitment to quality production.


We are a premium Indonesian woodcharcoal supplier and exporter, providing customers with a wide range of charcoal products worldwide. Our product is 100% natural, sustainable, and of the highest quality, benefiting the environment and your health.


Production Process:


Halaban Charcoal is produced by burning wood in a special kiln. The burning process removes moisture and combustible gases, leaving pure carbon or charcoal behind. This charcoal is then screened and sorted according to customer specifications.




Halaban Charcoal offers a wide range of charcoal products, including lump charcoal, briquettes, and charcoal dust. Our products are sustainable, of the highest quality, and free of additives or chemicals.




Halaban Charcoal has numerous benefits to both the environment and your health. Our charcoal is sustainable and produces fewer emissions than traditional wood fires, helping to reduce deforestation and preserve natural resources. It also burns hotter and longer, requiring less fuel for the same heat. Our charcoal contains no chemicals or additives, making it a healthier alternative to other fuel types.


The Importance of Selecting the Appropriate Charcoal and Chips


Briquet and lump are the two main types of charcoal. Both are easy to light and cook with, but knowing the difference will help you decide which is best for any grilling situation. Royal Oak is proud to offer both, and we hope you'll take a minute to learn about some of the differences between the two.


Charcoal Briquets


Our Ridge briquets are made in Indonesia from ground charcoal mixed with vegetable starch and held together. The result is a candle of the same size and shape that burns for the same time every time. Royal Oak briquets have a unique ridge that helps them start up faster, get rid of ash quickly, and burn evenly. All of our briquets are made in Indonesia, which has the highest standards for quality control in the business. They are easy to light and cook with, and grillers all over the country love them.




Our lump charcoal is 100% natural and made in Indonesia from resources that can be used repeatedly. It is made from chunks of real hardwood that have been heated in a controlled way to get rid of moisture and other unwanted things. The result is pure lump charcoal, which differs from regular charcoal briquets in many ways.


        Lump charcoal burns cleanly and leaves behind very little ash. It is easy to light and heats up quickly.

        It burns hotly, searing the food, and seals in the natural juices that give flavor.

        The lump has a classic wood-smoked grill taste that can't be mistaken.

        High heat turns the natural sugars in food into caramel, which gives it a delicious taste.


Slices and Chunks


We also have a variety of grilling woods that will help you add the right flavor to your food, whether you're grilling fast and hot or slow and low. Our chips and chunks are made in Indonesia from the best hardwoods carefully chosen for the best taste and performance.




We are the premier Indonesian wood charcoal supplier and exporter of Halaban Charcoal. Our products are of the highest quality, sustainable, and free of additives or

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